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2 MP Fixed Focus + DVP Parallel
OmniVision OV2732
OmniVision OV2715
OmniVision OV2710
OmniVision OV2643
OmniVision OV2655
Hynix HI-253
Himax HM2143
OmniVision OV2640
   OmniVision OV2715 MIPI and DVP Parallel Interface Fixed Focus 2MP M12 Camera Module
        Model No.   KLT-KX1-OV2715 V1.0
   Camera Module No. KLT-KX1-OV2715 V1.0
   Image Sensor OV2715
   EFL 3.0 mm
   F.NO 2.4
   Pixel 1920 x 1080
   View Angle 92°
   Lens Type 1/2.7 inch
   Lens Dimensions 22.30 x 13.20 x 16.41 mm
   Module Size 42.61 x 22.30 mm
   Module Type Fixed Focus
   Interface MIPI and DVP Parallel
   IMT Lens Model IMT-4B12B002-6
   Mating Connector FH12-30S-0.5SH
  KLT Camera Modules Applications:
  Classic Cleaning Coating Coins Comics KLT Camera Module
  Commercial Vehicle Commodities KLT Camera Module
  Consulting Consumer Goods Control KLT Camera Module
  Conveying Craft Cycle Cycling Dance KLT Camera Module
  Decoration Dental Dentistry Design KLT Camera Module
  Disabled Persons Diving Dogs Cats KLT Camera Module
  Domstic Drilling Ecology Economy KLT Camera Module
  Electromobility Event Exploration Fabrics KLT Camera Module
  Factory Fancy Finance Fire Fighting KLT Camera Module
  Fisheries Fishery Flexography Flooring KLT Camera Module

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